Fixed Navigation Bar An Innovative Way To Guarantee Better User Experience

Sticky or fixed navigation bar is a prevalent trend now and it is evident in few of the most attractive websites across the world of web. Just with the use of CSS the designers can have a navigation bar in the header so that it always remains visible to the readers. These header bars for navigation has proved to be beneficial in improving the user experience and it also enhances the look of the website. With a simple click on the header, the reader can navigate to any page or part of the site. Few of the social media sites are known to use navigation bars as headers and the more you scroll down to check the updates from your friends, you can still notice the navigation bar.
Have simple navigation bar
Navigation is an integral part of web designing and it is essential for navigation bars to be simple, easy to use and accessible so that the readers can get the desired information easily. If the navigation of the website is complicated, there are chances that the readers will refrain from going through the same and leave the site. A fixed header with different elements for navigation makes it easy for the readers to route their way through the site.
Helpful for long pages
With the header navigation bar, you can put an end to the practice of scrolling back to the top of the page again and again. These headers are also used in the blogs as well as websites, but these are particularly helpful for the long pages, where the readers need to scroll a lot. For the website owners and the designers, it is important to ensure that the readers to get the desired information with the help of few clicks. Fixed header with all the required elements provides an excellent solution to ease the navigation.
Central to the page
With a fixed header navigation bar, users can route deep into the site in a short time. Another benefit of having a fixed navigation header is that it helps in building the identity of the brand. Since the header is fixed, the name of the brand appears on the screen and stays central to the attention of the readers. The more the users see the brand, the greater is the impact of the same on them and they remember the brand and also recognize the same in the future. Use of the header also gives a feel that users also have control of the user process of the website.
Good user experience
Control by the users is important as it affects the user experience of the site. No user would like to feel that that they do not have control over the navigation of the site as each of the users have a specific aim that leads them to visit the site. So a fixed navigation bar at the top of the site cuts the time that the user have to spend for searching the information and scrolling the site for the same. In the web design process, designers lay emphasis on the user experience and header bars award the readers with the same with a nominal effort.
Difference on SEO ranking
A good UX and ease in navigation makes the users return to the site. Search engines also take into account the user experience as part of the criteria of search ranking and alteration in the site can also make a difference to the SEO ranking. Prior to any alteration in the navigational element take into consideration how the site will look in different screens across different devices and browsers. It might be that designers have to modify the CSS codes to optimize the view of the site across different devices.

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