Get In Touch With Some Of The Best Dog Movies In The Hollywood Segment

Dogs can be stated as your reliable helping hand and also a man’s best friend. Nowadays, they are more than a mere best friend of man. These furry little animals can help in protecting your houses from thieves and burglars and can also become your closest friend, during times of loneliness. As dogs are stated as reliable options associated with friendliness, many directors and producers have also invested large sum of money in order to get the best dogs in the acting career. With the flourishing support from movie lovers and good monetary return, people, in this modern world can also try and focus their concept towards pet friendly films.
A big place in big screen
Dogs have always been the best animals and a loyal helping hand as well, when the main area of concern is related with a million dollar movie. There are some many dogs, as Uggie, who even onstage during the Oscar ceremony as its film, The Artist, won the best picture award. According to the historical evidence, it can be well stated that, in the first Oscars award, which was held in the year 1929, Rin Tin Tin was said to have won the award for the best actor, after winning over thousands of votes.
Focusing towards some famous dogs
Lassie can be defined as the first and foremost option, when the main area of concern is related with the famous dogs, which made a mark in the Hollywood category, with their outstanding performance level. It was in the year 1940, when Lassie made her first appearance in the famous novel of that time. Later, in the year 1943, Lassie made her debut in the motion picture category. Later, you can come across some reliable pet movies, under the lassie tagline from 1954 to 1973. She is also known for ravishing the stage in the TV show, as well, which made her a household name during that point of time.
Benji is an unforgettable name
If there is any other name, which can be rightly placed after Lassie, then it will be none other than Benji. Benji was known for appearing in the 1974 film, which was named after the dog. After the first film gained fruitful popularity among the masses, a large section of several sequels came into being. In the sequel films, the role of Benji was placed by Higgins, which was a shelter dog. In the later films, the pups of Higgins played the role of Benji. You can try and watch some movies, which can be availed in CD and DVD set.
Rin Tin Tin is unavoidable
It is hard to forget the cuteness of Rin Tin Tin, which made this dog, won the best Actor award in the first Oscar zone. The original dog was born in the year 1918 and it was a German shepherd puppy. The story revolves around this dog, which was saved by an American soldier, during the time of World War 1. Due to the extraordinary tricks, Rin Tin Tin became the most popular character and also a national phenomenon. This dog also later holds the zone of a popular radio star, during the time of 1950s. In case, you want your dog to be as healthy and charming as those Hollywood star dogs, make sure to take help of none other than petflow, for your use.
Some other characters you never forget
Apart from the characters mentioned above, you can try and take help of other characters, which are seriously unavoidable. Some of those are Marley, Eddie, Buddy, Beethoven, and Scooby Doo and there are more to be added, in the list. If you are a pet owner, make sure to take help of reliable food services for a healthy pet.

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