Top tips to help you optimize your CSS for a better coding experience

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You may not realize it but when working with CSS, organization plays a massive role. If you believe that cramming your CSS files with larger codes all over will help you get away with the task faster, you need to mull that over. While it may be a temporary relief from massive coding, you need to realize the fact that getting back to the coding to make minor or major tweaks can pose a monumental issue as you struggle to find the right piece of coding to be tweaked.
Therefore, you have to keep the editing factor in mind when designing your CSS code and keep it as short and optimized as possible. If you work for any website design company, you will be aware of this fact. However, there are several designers who are of the opinion that optimizing CSS is either impossible or a very difficult feat. This, nonetheless, is far from truth. Given below are some easy tips and tricks that will ensure that your CSS stylesheets remain more structured.

1.)В В  Use a reliable text editor program:
This is the basic, yet the most important tip to keep in mind when designing CSS as it is this text editor program that will give shape to your CSS codes and stylesheets. Essentially, the two most reliable programs available to designers are TextWrangler, which works on Mac and Notepad++, which has been designed for Windows.
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One of the most unique things about using a text editor like Wrangler is the simple fact that you can never go wrong with the styles and codes as every element of CSS has its own unique colour. Therefore, the code will change to a particular colour when your coding is correct and if not, it wont. Therefore, this can clearly indicate if you go wrong somewhere so that you can make the corrections.
2.)В В  Use the Location for precise organization:
It goes without saying that designing a website is an elaborate task with several elements to consider. When working with a website design company, you may have to take on too many projects with a definitive deadline. Needless to say, the CSS codes for these websites are also bound to be humongous. Therefore, the Class and IDs can easily be repeated several times and unless your stylesheet is structured well, you will be left flustered.
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The most common step that you can take to ensure this organization is by naming the elements for the functions that they serve. For instance, if you have created a stylesheet for the main content, you can name the element as main content and the likes.В  Besides, if you are writing a CSS code for the Header of the website, it is always a good idea to include this code towards the top of the editor where the Header usually appears. Likewise, the same thing can be done for the footer or the sidebar.
3.)В В  CSS Comments can help keep ambiguity at bay:
Web designers are often known to neglect this aspect however; it is these CSS comments that give you a clear understanding of what the various elements of the stylesheet are. If you are working on a single project, this may not be required, however, when you are involved in multiple web design projects, keeping a track of every element that goes into the making of a stylesheet may be a daunting feat. Therefore, separating these different elements using comments can ensure that ambiguity is kept at bay and this helps you optimize your CSS stylesheets.
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Lloyd Carter is web designer and graphic artist working with a website design company. He also conducts informational seminars for young and aspiring web designers. He runs a web design blog and also does custom WordPress and Blogger blogs and websites.

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